We sold and closed on 1 ,403 condos in the Bay of Banderas.   We have another 1,708 condo contracts pending for closing this first quarter of 2022.

The total sales volume is $246,564,753 usd, This amount sold is 91% more than 2020.  Average sales price is close to same last year, at $337,090usd.  Discounts on average are 95% of asking price.

South shore alone sold $90,342,836 usd, 101% over 2020.  Average sales price was $554,251usd, and discounts were 4% off asking price.

Centro South was second with $88, 068, 698usd with an average of $393,164 usd average price with a 6% average discount from asking price.  Sales volume is 43% higher than 2020.

Hotel Zone was next with sales of $73,363, 936usd. This uptick is 193% more than sales volume for HZ last year.  Average sales price was $285,463usd, 12% less in price than 2020.  Discount was 4% off asking price. 


Home sales were 337 units, 49% more than 2020.  Sales volume was $186,695,849usd,145% higher than 2020.  Average sales price competes with condos price on the South Shore. Average sales price for homes was $553,994usd, 63% up from prior year.  Average discounts were 5% off asking price.

Second sales dollar volume was $24, 551, 473usd in Nuevo Vallarta West.  Volume was 96% more than 2020 with an average sales price of $533,728usd.  Average discounts were 4% off asking price.

Third was San Pancho with home sales of $23, 793,2775usd, 367%    above the year prior.  Average sales price is the highest for homes in a particular area: 95 1,731usd for the sale of 177 homes in SP. Average discount off asking price was 8%.


Land sales total was $21, 276, 365usd for 106 solds, up 34% more than. 2020.  Average sales price was $200,720usd, down, 25% less than 2020. Average discounts were 7% off asking price.   There are 126 contracts pending for sale in the first quarter of 2022.  

Top market was San Pancho, with $3,530,000usd in sales with 8 parcels sold, and there are 10 more pending for closing this first quarter.    Average sales price was $441,250usd, 50% higher than the year prior.  Average discount was 5% off asking.

Second was La Cruz de Huanacaxtle with sales of $3,519,250usd with 6 sales and 7 pending for closing first quarter 2022.  Average sales price was $586,542usd, 176% over 2020. Discount was 6% off asking price. 

Third was Litibu, with sales of $3,454,750usd, up 6 27% over last 2020.  & parcels sold with 7 pending for closing this first quarter.

Averages sale sprie was $421,844usd, up 263% over 2020. Discount off asking price was 12%.


Commercial sales are not a large part of the FBS MLS inventory.  Sales for 2021 were $5,026,000usd, with 6 transactions closing and 8 pending.  Average sales price was $837,667usd, 126% over 2020. Average discount was 7% off asking price.    Most activity was seen in Punta de Mita, Centro South, and South Shore with the highest sale of $1,626,000usd for one property. 


12 Transactions were reported sold, with 14 pending.  Sales volume was $6,255,000usd, and an average sales price of $521,250usd.  Average discount was 6% of asking price.  

Centro South was first with a sales volume of $1,860,000usd for 2 sales and 1 pending.  Average sales rice was $930,000, up 89% over year prior. Discount was 10% off asking. 

Centro North with 4 buildings sold for a total of $1,683,000usd.  Average sales price was $420,750usd, with a 5% discount from asking.

Sayulita sold $1,480,000usd with 2 multi-family buildings sold and 2 pending to close this year.   Average sale price was $730, 000usd

With a 7% discount from asking. 


We ended the year with 4,704 active listings up 7 % over year prior.  We sold 1,865 and 2,241 are pending for closing the first quarter 2022.

Sales volume was $692,415 625usd, up 104% over sales volume sold in 2020.  Average sales price overall was $371,288usd, up11% over last 2020.

Information is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. 2022 MLS and FBS. Prepared by Harriet Murray Cochran Real Estate Jan 2, 2 

This article is based upon legal opinions, current practices and my personal experiences.  I recommend that each potential buyer or seller of real estate conduct his own due diligence and review.

Harriet Murray

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